Мы создаем универсальную моду
Eco-friendly materials

A key principle of our brand is the use of fabrics made from recycled or organic materials and fabrics which production causes minimal harm to the environment.

By using fabrics made from recycled materials, we save original resources and prevent waste production. Organic fabrics are made from raw materials that have been grown without the use of harmful fertilizers, with responsible treatment of the soil, water resources and agricultural workers.

We have developed icons to identify our fabrics so that you can easily navigate through our materials. We also use these icons in the branding of our garments.

Spring essentials

Recycled cotton Panama Hat with warm lining made of organic cotton and hemp.

Outstanding design and natural materials


Мы создаем универсальную моду
Environmental care is essential today

Start with small steps and gradually incorporate eco habits into your every day life. We will tell you how. 

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